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Antivirus Management

Antivirus Management

Hue Service provides the most current  anti-virus software and tools. Anti-Virus Management Service  (AVMS) includes  traffic scanning,  antivirus software and
hardware,  monitoring of anti-virus advisories,  management and maintenance.
The service monitors traffic for malicious content,  and complements the  anti-
virus software already implemented on desktops.

We provide crucial checks for antivirus software. Our agents make sure that the
antivirus software is installed on the  Desktop or  Server and  verifies that latest antivirus definition files have been updated and applied.  Never leave your
antivirus solution to chance.

The AVMS solution uses advanced technology and leading Anti-Virus scanning

A solid anti virus solution for clients is essential today.  However,  client protection
alone is not sufficient. New viruses occur in the wild daily. We help you understand and implement an antivirus solution to give your computer/notebooks the maximum protection.

We offer Best Anti Virus Solutions such as : Kaspersky, Avast and many more.

Partners of: Kaspersky, Symantec

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